The Save Girl Meets World campaign deploys several tactics to get our voices heard:

  1. Special time sensitive campaigns as needed. (Please check these first!)
  2. Ongoing direct action to Hulu, Amazon Studios, and Disney Channel.
  3. Social media campaigns to spread the word.

Please spare a few minutes out of your day to take part in any or all of these actions! If you’re not sure what to say, sit tight. We’ll be posting soon with details about what to focus on with each of our specific targets. For now, there’s some good advice over at #planes4gmw.

Current Time Sensitive Campaigns:

    1. Focus on Hulu from Wednesday, January 25th to Friday, January 27th.
    2. The mail-in campaign, #planes4gmw. Please click here for more details, this is a VERY IMPORTANT action step! We’ll be mailing in our planes starting January 19th, with a push to keep them going for a week afterward and beyond. This campaign is ongoing, so it’s not too late to join in!
    3. Sign and share the two official #SaveGMW petitions:
      1. Sign and share the petition to move Girl Meets World to another platform.
      2. Sign and share the petition for Disney Channel to give up/sell the rights to Girl Meets World.

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Ongoing Direct Action:

    1. Direct action to Hulu:
      1. Click here to live chat with hulu.
      2. Email and request Girl Meets World Season 4 as a Hulu Original.
      3. Call hulu: 1-888-265-6650.
      4. Search for “Girl Meets World” on hulu as often as you can.
      5. Write to Hulu at 2500 Broadway Santa Monica, California 90404. (Current mail-in campaign details here!)
    2. Direct action to Amazon Studios:
      1. Click here to recommend “Girl Meets World Season 4 (Amazon Studios Original)” using their e-mail contact form.
      2. At the same link, you can live chat with Amazon Studios.
      3. Call Amazon: 1-888-280-3321 and request that Amazon Studios produce Girl Meets World Season Four as an Amazon Original.
      4. Search for “Girl Meets World” on Amazon Video as often as you can.
      5. Watch Girl Meets World on Amazon Video as often as you can.
      6. Write to Amazon Studios at 1620 26th St Suite 4000N Santa Monica, CA . (Current mail-in campaign details here!)
    3. Direct action to Disney Channel:
      1. Call Disney Audience Relations at 1-818-460-7477 to express your dismay at the cancellation of Girl Meets World and politely request that Disney work with any interested party by selling the rights.
      2. Click here to use Disney Channel’s feedback form to express your disappointment and ask that they sell the rights.
      3. Write to Disney Channel (Attn: Gary Marsh, President) at 3800 W. Alameda Ave Suite 2151 Burbank, California 91505. (Current mail-in campaign details here!)
    4. Direct action to Netflix: (we have received confirmation that Netflix is a dead end, please direct efforts to Hulu and Amazon Studios).

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Ongoing Social Media Action:

    1. In General:
      1. Use these hashtags on all social media platforms: #SaveGirlMeetsWorld, #SaveGMW, #planes4GMW.
      2. Like and retweet your fellow fans!
    2. Hulu:
      1. Use these hashtags: #HuluSaveGMW and #GirlMeetsHulu.
      2. Twitter: @hulu@hulu_support, as well as Hulu Head of Originals Beatrice Springborn, @beespring, and Head of Comedy Originals, Billy Rosenberg, @billybrosenberg.
      3. Instagram:@hulu.
      4. Facebook: Politely post on their page here.
    3. Amazon Studios:
      1. Use these hashtags: #AmazonSaveGMW and #GirlMeetsAmazon
      2. Twitter: @Amazon, @AmazonStudios, and @AmazonKids as well as Amazon Studios head, @RoyPrice, and Amazon Head of Kids’ Programming @taracsorensen.
      3. Instagram: @amazonstudios.
      4. Facebook: Politely leave a comment on the Amazon Studios Facebook page.
    4. Disney Channel:
      1. Use this hashtag: #DisneyGiveUpGMW.
      2. Twitter: @disneychannel and @disneychannelPR.
      3. Instagram: @disneychannel and @disneychannelPR.
      4. Facebook: Politely comment on their posts here.
    5. Netflix: (we have received confirmation that Netflix is a dead end, please direct efforts to Hulu and Amazon Studios).

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