The Winners of the #SaveGirlMeetsWorld Episode Giveaway

Thank you again to all of the participants and to everyone who is still fighting to save Girl Meets World. Here are the winners of the giveaway via their Twitter usernames:

  1. @poobear_thatsmeplace
  2. @Lunapalomo2place
  3. @Fly_A_Kiteplace
  4. @gmwisforeverplace
  5. @IlhaDasRiley

This list is in a random order and does not reflect the order in which you will receive a prize; what prize you win will be determined by when you contact us (our first come, first served policy). More info on this is provided here.

Contact us through email at or through a Twitter direct message as soon as possible to claim your prize! In the email/message, include a list of the 3 episodes you want as well as the email address connected to your iTunes account (so we can send you the episodes through the iTunes gifting system). If you are under the age of 18, please ask your parent or guardian if disclosing that information is okay. If you have won a prize but do not want it, please notify us as well. We will be in contact with the winners shortly.

Stay tuned for more updates in the future. In the meantime, keep fighting for Girl Meets World. The continuation of the show is our real prize.