#GirlMeetsSaturdayStream: Stream Girl Meets the Real World on Saturday, March 4 at 6pm EST!

This Saturday (tomorrow) we’re going to stream Girl Meets the Real World together. In this episode, we saw Riley’s perspective of the world develop and broaden, and watching Girl Meets World influences many fans in the same way. It presents viewers with valuable learning opportunities through poignant topics and meaningful friendships. The episode is available on Netflix for subscribers, and it can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes for $2.99. If you can afford it, we highly recommend purchasing the episode on Amazon.

The primary goal is to get the show trending with #GirlMeetsWorld, but as always we also encourage fans to take this opportunity to appeal to potential new homes for the show (Hulu and Amazon).

We’ve got more exciting things to share with you in the near future, so keep a look out for future updates!