Friday Plan: Email Disney Channel at 6pm EST

NOTE: If your email is bouncing back, it might be because of a spacing error in the email address. This is the correct format for the address:

Yesterday, @makeluck on Instagram posted a call to action in which fans should write an email to Disney Channel’s president, Gary Marsh. The email is meant to convey how we are still fighting for Girl Meets World and how Disney Channel should do what it can do help find the show a new home. Check out other details using the link above.

We encourage you to participate! However, we want to heavily stress that your email should be written in a professional and polite way. We want our emails to be taken seriously and to express our message clearly. An angry tone or inappropriate words will not achieve that goal. Therefore, we are providing you with a “copy and paste” template below that you can use if needed.

Send to:
Subject Title: Save Girl Meets World

Dear Mr. Gary Marsh,

I am writing to you to express my concern about Girl Meets World not continuing. As a fan, I still care about Girl Meets World and believe it deserves to continue somewhere else. Please facilitate the process that would allow Girl Meets World to find a new home. The show is inspirational and influential, not only to me, but to many people around the world. For this reason, Girl Meets World needs to continue.


As a reminder, don’t forget to add your name at the end of the email.

So, send your email and then be sure to stay tuned for this week’s #GirlMeetsSaturdayStream info!