Participation in the #SaveGirlMeetsWorld Scavenger Hunt is Now Closed

Thank you to everyone who participated!

We will review the entries and use this online results generator to pick the winners. The winners will be posted on our website tomorrow at 6pm EST, and the prizes will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. This means the person to contact us first, whether that is through an email to us at or through a Twitter direct message, will receive first pick of the prize options and so on.

As a reminder, the people who completed every task and sent an email to us will be in the running for all prize options. The people who used the hashtag #SaveGirlMeetsWorld during the Saturday Stream of GM the Secret of Life (but did not complete the other tasks) will only be in the running for Prize #3. You can review the prizes in this post.

We’ll see you back here tomorrow for the reveal of the winners list!