#GirlMeetsSaturdayStream: Stream Girl Meets the Secret of Life on Saturday, Feb 25 at 6pm EST!

This Saturday (tomorrow) we’re going to stream Girl Meets the Secret of Life together. It’s the episode that introduced us to one of the biggest takeaways from the show: people change people. Girl Meets World, with its amazing characters, cast, and crew, has influenced people in numerous ways, and the fan base that has been built because of the show has also been an influential part of many people’s lives. The episode is available on Netflix for subscribers, and it can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes for $2.99. If you can afford it, we highly recommend purchasing the episode on Amazon.

The primary goal is to get the show trending with #GirlMeetsWorld, but as always we also encourage fans to take this opportunity to appeal to potential new homes for the show (Hulu and Amazon).

As a reminder, tomorrow is the last day to get in the running to win Girl Meets World swag through our #SaveGirlMeetsWorld Scavenger Hunt. It ends at 6:30 pm EST, around the time that the stream will end, so make sure you check out the post and join in before it’s too late! More information on how the winners will be chosen and posted is on the way!

Spread the word about the stream and scavenger hunt, and we’ll see you on Twitter tomorrow!