Sunday Action Plan: Share Your Favorite Season 3 Moments on Twitter using #GirlMeetsFeelings

If you haven’t heard yet, Season 3 of Girl Meets World will be released on Netflix tomorrow, February 19. Even though it has already been announced that Netflix will not be picking up Girl Meets World, this is still a great opportunity to watch the latest season again and let it remind you just how much you love the show! While you’re binging Season 3 episodes tomorrow, as well as the days following, share your all of your favorite moments, lessons, and quotes on Twitter using the tags #GirlMeetsFeelings and #GirlMeetsWorld. Our main goal is to get the show trending.

Also, make sure you’re still appealing to Hulu and Amazon. In your tweets tomorrow, tag Hulu and Amazon, and consider tailoring your message so it incorporates the respective interests of the companies. That way, the reasons why they should pick up Girl Meets World will be even more convincing. Here are some key points you could mention in your tweets:

Tweets directed toward Hulu
Twitter: @hulu@hulu_support
Hashtags: #GirlMeetsHulu #HuluSaveGMW

  • Hulu wants to expand their kid and family-oriented programming.
  • Girl Meets World could fulfill Hulu’s lack of family-friendly sitcom-style shows.
  • Hulu has preexisting streaming rights to some Disney Channel Original Series and movies.
  • Hulu could generate a lot of buzz by picking up the show, which would benefit them as they are in competition with Netflix and Amazon.

Tweets directed toward Amazon
Twitter: @Amazon, @AmazonStudios, and @AmazonKids
Hashtags: #GirlMeetsAmazon #AmazonSaveGMW

  • Girl Meets World could fill the gap that Amazon currently has in terms of providing family-friendly comedies.
  • Amazon has money to spend, especially when it comes to developing a broader international audience, which Girl Meets World has.
  • Amazon’s Head of Half-Hour Originals seems to share similar interests in aesthetic elements with Michael Jacobs, such as getting rid of a laugh track.

All of these facts and more can be found in this Hulu post and this Amazon post.

See you on Twitter tomorrow, and have fun rewatching Season 3!