Action Wednesday through Friday: Hulu, Hulu, Hulu!

Now that we’ve got our Amazon Studios ground game caught up a bit, for the next couple of days we encourage Girl Meets World fans to go after Hulu like Cory Matthews going after mashed potatoes. If you’re not sure what to say or you need some ammo for your pitches, check out this post about Hulu and Girl Meets World. Here’s the game plan:

  1. Click here to live chat with hulu.
    • You must be a current subscriber to live chat with Hulu. So, to the older end of the fanbase, here’s what we suggest: go ahead and sign up for the seven-day free trial so you can start a live chat (you can cancel at any time within seven days, but bear in mind you’ll be charged $7.99 if you don’t). Let them know that you signed up for the trial specifically to talk to them about Girl Meets World, and that while you likely won’t retain the service as of now, you’ll become a subscriber if they save Girl Meets World. Because this is an action step which requires a credit or debit card, we put this one forward for those of us who control our own finances. While we are not specifically encouraging them to do so, we recognize that younger fans will likely ask their parents to do this for them. For those who do, we advise that you remember Girl Meets Her Monster and accept your parents’ decision respectfully the first time if they say no.
    • The more grown-up fans who can do this, the better! Signing up for the trial shows Hulu that you’re willing to lay out your credit/debit card just to talk to them about how much Girl Meets World means to you and how much you want to see it continue.
    • If you choose to take this step, let people know! Use the hashtag #HuluTrial4GMW on social media to spread the word.
  2. Email and request Girl Meets World Season 4 as a Hulu Original.
  3. Call hulu at 1-888-265-6650 and request that they rescue Girl Meets World. (You do not have to be a current subscriber to do this.)
  4. Search for “Girl Meets World” on hulu as often as you can.
  5. Write to Hulu at 2500 Broadway Santa Monica, California 90404. (Current mail-in campaign details here.)
    • If you haven’t sent a paper airplane to Hulu yet and you can afford the postage, please fly one over to them!
  6. Use these hashtags: #HuluSaveGMW and #GirlMeetsHulu.
  7. Twitter: @hulu@hulu_support, as well as Hulu Head of Originals Beatrice Springborn, @beespring, and Head of Comedy Originals, Billy Rosenberg, @billybrosenberg.
  8. Instagram:@hulu.
  9. Facebook: Politely post on their page here.
  10. Finally, as always, sign the petition to move Girl Meets World to another platform. If you’ve already signed, please share share share! Especially on Facebook, because we need to be sure we’re reaching beyond the hardcore online fan base to the many, many more casual fans out there as well as our friends and families.

Just to add on to yesterday’s Hulu post a bit: we know everybody hates commercials, but Hulu’s ad-supported model is yet another potential item in our favor. Part of Girl Meets World’s uselessness to the Disney Channel was that a large portion of the GMW fanbase simply isn’t in the market for My Little Ponies or other children’s toys sold by most Disney Channel advertisers. Girl Meets World on Hulu would likely have ads better targeted to the show’s true demographics, thus making actual money for the streaming service beyond new subscriptions alone should they decide to rescue the show. With Netflix, the only money-making factor is how many subscriptions they could gain or retain, but with Hulu there’s subscriptions and potential ad revenue.

We’ve only been at this for 21 days. Until we hear from production that they’ve succeeded with (or given up on) moving GMW elsewhere, we need to back them up with a constant show of support for Girl Meets World. Let’s keep it up!