Weekend Homework: Keep reaching out! Spread the world about #SaveGirlMeetsWorld

Great job on Twitter tonight, Girl Meets World fandom! We’ve got good momentum going into the weekend, so let’s keep reaching out. Here’s how:

  1. In Person:
    1. Many of our friends and colleagues will probably be talking about the big Boy Meets World reunion at school and work on Monday. When they do, let them know that there’s a movement to save the show and tell them about the website!
  2. On Twitter:
    1. Keep your eyes on tags like #BoyMeetsWorld or #coryandtopanga, as well as #GirlMeetsWorld and #GirlMeetsGoodbye over the weekend. Look for non-fandom accounts expressing dismay about the end of the series. Make sure to check their @replies to any given tweet before you engage, because we don’t want to spam anyone past the point of being willing to help us.
    2. When you engage, let them know that there is a campaign underway to save the show! Link them to savegirlmeetsworld.com, or directly to the #planes4gmw page here at the site. We need to be pushing the airplanes especially!
    3. One way to open with BMW fans specifically might be to ask “Can you imagine if Boy Meets World ended after Season Three? Please help us save the new World!” and then link them to the website.
    4. Many viewers will be watching the finale on Amazon or on iTunes over the weekend, and they’ll be talking about it then too. We have to reach out, because we cannot make this happen on the strength of the hardcore fandom alone! We need casual viewers and Boy Meets World sympathizers to help!
  3. On Facebook:
    1. Older fans especially need to open up about how much they love Girl Meets World! We’ve had an amazing twitter game, now let’s all reach out to our friends and family directly. Share the website and #planes4gmw!

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