Episode Action: #GirlMeetsGoodbye and outreach, outreach, outreach!

In 24 hours, Girl Meets World and its fandom are going to have more eyeballs on them than at any point since the pilot. This is our last, best chance to get casual viewers on board with us. So, are you guys ready to save this show? Because we are. Here’s the game plan:

  1. Get the episode and the campaign trending:
    1. Get #GirlMeetsGoodbye trending. The show airs at 6pm EST. If you can’t be on your phone or computer, please schedule your tweets in advance. Hootsuite or Tweetdeck can help with this. If you’re not sure what time 6pm EST is in your timezone, use this handy dandy link.
    2. Use the usual hashtags to target potential new homes for the show. #HuluSaveGMW, #GirlMeetsHulu, #AmazonSaveGMW, #GirlMeetsAmazon, @hulu and @AmazonStudios. Fans are more than welcome to continue targeting Netflix despite recent news, but we strongly recommend that fans focus on Hulu and Amazon.
    3. Continue to tweet @disneychannel and @disneychannelpr, asking them to sell the rights. #DisneyGiveUpGMW.
    4. Push #planes4gmw as hard as you can!
    5. Please note that we all need to be using different hashtags in different tweets. Try to tweet multiple times using each hashtag separately. Remember, we are up against some major events tomorrow so tweet like you’ve never tweeted before!
  2. Reach out to casual viewers and sympathetic Boy Meets World fans:
    1. Add the campaign twibbon to your twitter profile, so it will be easier to tell who’s already with us and who we need to reach out to.
    2. Tweet #FeenyTaughtMe and talk about what you’ve learned from Mr. Feeny to catch the eye of Boy Meets World fans who may not know as much about Girl Meets World.
    3. Keep your eyes on tags like #BoyMeetsWorld or #coryandtopanga, as well as #GirlMeetsWorld and #GirlMeetsGoodbye. Look for non-fandom accounts expressing dismay about the end of the series. Make sure to check their @replies to any given tweet before you engage, because we don’t want to spam anyone past the point of being willing to help us.
      1. When you engage, let them know that there is a campaign underway to save the show! Link them to savegirlmeetsworld.com, or directly to the #planes4gmw page here at the site. We need to be pushing the airplanes especially!
      2. One way to open with BMW fans specifically might be to ask “Can you imagine if Boy Meets World ended after Season Three? Please help us save the new World!” and then link them to the website.
      3. The outreach aspect of this plan is ongoing through the weekend. Many viewers will be watching the finale the day after on Amazon or on iTunes, and they’ll be talking about it then too. We have to reach out, because we cannot make this happen on the strength of the hardcore fandom alone! We need casual viewers and Boy Meets World sympathizers to help!