Reaction to Netflix news: Focus on Hulu, Amazon Video, and Disney Channel

We have spoken with Linda Ge, who broke the Netflix news over at Ms. Ge is now and has always been a friend of the show and a friend to the Girl Meets World fandom. In her own words, “I want the show to get picked up too.” As an established television journalist from a reputable outlet, Linda has access to inside sources that both fans and Netflix customer service representatives do not.

It seems that the information from Ms. Ge (which we believe to be reliable) has not yet made its way down to Netflix customer service agents, which also happened a few years back with the Community fandom’s #sixseasonsandamovie campaign. The source is a Netflix corporate PR employee, and the news was only just broken. It hasn’t trickled down to customer service because there hasn’t been time to relay it. But because we have a relationship with Linda and she has one with Netflix, we are able to, as much as we can, confirm her reporting. If fans would like this confirmed for themselves, feel free to check back with Netflix customer service later, but please redirect the majority of your efforts to Hulu and Amazon until then.

Linda has made her support for the both the show and the #SaveGirlMeetsWorld campaign more than apparent. Linda Ge is one of us. She is on our side and we strongly ask fans to please stop shooting at the messenger! We believe her aim in breaking the Netflix news is not to discourage our efforts, but rather to help us redirect those efforts to more viable options instead of wasting our time. The window to save our show will only be open for a short while, and we absolutely must come together if this is going to work! We also advise fans to NOT be negative towards Netflix. They were never obligated to do anything about Girl Meets World, and they’ve actually done us a favor by speaking to Ms. Ge because now we know to set our sights elsewhere! This is very useful information to know going into the finale.

To that end, we encourage and implore everyone to start focusing harder on Hulu and to begin working on Amazon. Lots of fans may have personally preferred a Netflix pick-up, but the goal here is to save the show no matter where it ends up. If Netflix isn’t going to bite (and again, we have reason to believe Ms. Ge and we respect her commitment to protecting her source, who is higher up than the customer service reps), then we need to focus harder than ever on Hulu and now, Amazon Video. will be officially redirecting efforts towards Hulu and Amazon going forward. We know we cannot make anyone stop targeting Netflix if they wish to do so, but the official and informed recommendation of this website is to focus on more than ever on Hulu and Amazon. We have updated the Act Now! page to that effect, as well as the #planes4gmw page.

As we stated earlier today, our collective goal should be to keep the family together no matter where we find a new home. Ms. Ge wants us to find that home as much as anybody else, and we are grateful to her for using her resources to help us better target our efforts: