Episode Action Prep: add the #SaveGirlMeetsWorld twibbon to your user pic

Due to the finale/Boy Meets World reunion, Girl Meets World (and subsequently our campaign!) is going to be getting a lot of extra attention this weekend, to the tune of possibly millions of people. We’re going to need to push beyond the core fandom and do a lot of outreach to the casual viewers who will likely be expressing their dismay at the show’s cancellation as they watch the finale live Friday night or via Amazon/iTunes over the weekend. To that end, we encourage everyone who’s already with us to add this twibbon to their twitter profiles so we can all easily tell who we should try to reach out to versus who is already on board with #SaveGirlMeetsWorld as we engage on twitter Friday night and over the weekend. The twibbon is available in white and green.

Click here for white:

Click here for green:

More details on our episode action for Girl Meets Goodbye coming soon, but for now…please start applying the twibbons and sharing them around. (And don’t forget to work on your #planes4gmw!)