#Planes4GMW Update: help for international fans, adorable printables, and one amazing campaign video

The #Planes4GMW campaign keeps growing and growing! Some fans have designed printables for those of us who aren’t especially artistic, and other fans in the United States are helping international GMW fans send in their planes. First up, take five minutes to watch this amazing campaign video from @VeepuEco:

Next up, some adorable printables for the non-artistically-inclined folks:


This account will draw a custom doodle for you to print out and use on your paper airplane:

And these fans have designed some cute pre-made printables:


Next, help from fans in the U.S. for international fans who cannot afford postage to the United States:

Help for International Fans:





Finally, don’t forget to follow @planes4gmw on twitter, tumblr, and Instagram to check out your fellow fans’ paper airplanes.

Oh yeah, and: