Weekend Homework: Binge on Netflix, Search on Hulu, and work on your airplanes!

Great job trending #GirlMeetsSweetSixteen tonight, everybody! Here’s what to do this weekend:

  1. Girl Meets World fans from all over (twitter, tumblr, Instagram) have been pushing for a binge watch of Girl Meets World on Netflix this weekend. This is a great idea! If the show is available on Netflix in your country, watch it (or even just leave it playing in the background) as often as possible on January 14th and 15th! (Don’t forget to search for Girl Meets World too.)
  2. While you binge, keep using hashtags such as #savegmw, #girlmeetsworld, #girlmeetsnetflix, etc.
  3. Search for “Girl Meets World” on hulu if you’re a subscriber.
  4. Work on your #planes4gmw!
  5. Keep up the good work with our ongoing direct action and social media campaigns!

We’ve seen some amazing results this week, but now is not the time to be complacent. The job isn’t done yet! So let’s keep going. Bum, bum, bum, ba da da…