Teamwork: join these collaborative #SaveGirlMeetsWorld video projects

The #SaveGirlMeetsWorld campaign belongs to every Girl Meets World fan, and while a group of dedicated fans is hard at work maintaining this website, we feel that it’s not our job to simply boss the fandom around. We feel that it’s our job to keep an eye on the fandom and then use this website to highlight and encourage participation in fan-led projects and ideas (such as the Netflix bingewatch this weekend which has been talked about all over). To that end, we’d like to feature two amazing YouTube projects today!

First up, JonasAlmostFamous is working on a Cast & Crew appreciation video to debut along with Girl Meets Goodbye. The deadline to participate is Wednesday, January 18th. Details below:

Meanwhile, Mimi1239 needs volunteers for a group sing-a-long to “Take on the World.” 101 fans, one line each. The deadline to participate is Tuesday, January 17th. Details below:

Be sure to click through and get the full details on Mimi’s project in the video’s description!

Are you working on a project to #SaveGirlMeetsWorld or to show our appreciation for the cast & crew? Please let us know about it! We are keeping our eyes on the fandom, but the Girl Meets World fandom is gigantic and we might not see everything. Hit us up on the contact page to let us know what you’re working on, or to send in ideas you’d like to see implemented. Because the GMW fandom is so big, we cannot promise to feature each and every project or idea, and we will not endorse petitions other than the two featured on this site…but we will do our absolute very best to make sure the #SaveGirlMeetsWorld campaign leverages the time and talents of this diverse and creative fandom. The #SaveGirlMeetsWorld campaign belongs to everybody.