Episode Action: #GirlMeetsGoodbye and outreach, outreach, outreach!

In 24 hours, Girl Meets World and its fandom are going to have more eyeballs on them than at any point since the pilot. This is our last, best chance to get casual viewers on board with us. So, are you guys ready to save this show? Because we are. Here’s the game plan:

  1. Get the episode and the campaign trending:
    1. Get #GirlMeetsGoodbye trending. The show airs at 6pm EST. If you can’t be on your phone or computer, please schedule your tweets in advance. Hootsuite or Tweetdeck can help with this. If you’re not sure what time 6pm EST is in your timezone, use this handy dandy link.
    2. Use the usual hashtags to target potential new homes for the show. #HuluSaveGMW, #GirlMeetsHulu, #AmazonSaveGMW, #GirlMeetsAmazon, @hulu and @AmazonStudios. Fans are more than welcome to continue targeting Netflix despite recent news, but we strongly recommend that fans focus on Hulu and Amazon.
    3. Continue to tweet @disneychannel and @disneychannelpr, asking them to sell the rights. #DisneyGiveUpGMW.
    4. Push #planes4gmw as hard as you can!
    5. Please note that we all need to be using different hashtags in different tweets. Try to tweet multiple times using each hashtag separately. Remember, we are up against some major events tomorrow so tweet like you’ve never tweeted before!
  2. Reach out to casual viewers and sympathetic Boy Meets World fans:
    1. Add the campaign twibbon to your twitter profile, so it will be easier to tell who’s already with us and who we need to reach out to.
    2. Tweet #FeenyTaughtMe and talk about what you’ve learned from Mr. Feeny to catch the eye of Boy Meets World fans who may not know as much about Girl Meets World.
    3. Keep yours eyes on tags like #BoyMeetsWorld or #coryandtopanga, as well as #GirlMeetsWorld and #GirlMeetsGoodbye. Look for non-fandom accounts expressing dismay about the end of the series. Make sure to check their @replies to any given tweet before you engage, because we don’t want to spam anyone past the point of being willing to help us.
      1. When you engage, let them know that there is a campaign underway to save the show! Link them to savegirlmeetsworld.com, or directly to the #planes4gmw page here at the site. We need to be pushing the airplanes especially!
      2. One way to open with BMW fans specifically might be to ask “Can you imagine if Boy Meets World ended after Season Three? Please help us save the new World!” and then link them to the website.
      3. The outreach aspect of this plan is ongoing through the weekend. Many viewers will be watching the finale the day after on Amazon or on iTunes, and they’ll be talking about it then too. We have to reach out, because we cannot make this happen on the strength of the hardcore fandom alone! We need casual viewers and Boy Meets World sympathizers to help!

Reaction to Netflix news: Focus on Hulu, Amazon Video, and Disney Channel

We have spoken with Linda Ge, who broke the Netflix news over at TheWrap.com. Ms. Ge is now and has always been a friend of the show and a friend to the Girl Meets World fandom. As an established television journalist from a reputable outlet, Linda has access to inside sources that both fans and Netflix customer service representatives do not.

It seems that the information from Ms. Ge (which we believe to be reliable) has not yet made its way down to Netflix customer service agents, which also happened a few years back with the Community fandom’s #sixseasonsandamovie campaign. The source is a Netflix corporate PR employee, and the news was only just broken. It hasn’t trickled down to customer service because there hasn’t been time to relay it. But because we have a relationship with Linda and she has one with Netflix, we are able to, as much as we can, confirm her reporting. If fans would like this confirmed for themselves, feel free to check back with Netflix customer service later, but please redirect the majority of your efforts to Hulu and Amazon until then.

Linda has made her support for the both the show and the #SaveGirlMeetsWorld campaign more than apparent. Linda Ge is one of us. She is on our side and we strongly ask fans to please stop shooting at the messenger! We believe her aim in breaking the Netflix news is not to discourage our efforts, but rather to help us redirect those efforts to more viable options instead of wasting our time. The window to save our show will only be open for a short while, and we absolutely must come together if this is going to work! We also advise fans to NOT be negative towards Netflix. They were never obligated to do anything about Girl Meets World, and they’ve actually done us a favor by speaking to Ms. Ge because now we know to set our sights elsewhere! This is very useful information to know going into the finale.

To that end, we encourage and implore everyone to start focusing harder on Hulu and to begin working on Amazon. Lots of fans may have personally preferred a Netflix pick-up, but the goal here is to save the show no matter where it ends up. If Netflix isn’t going to bite (and again, we have reason to believe Ms. Ge and we respect her commitment to protecting her source, who is higher up than the customer service reps), then we need to focus harder than ever on Hulu and now, Amazon Video. SaveGirlMeetsWorld.com will be officially redirecting efforts towards Hulu and Amazon going forward. We know we cannot make anyone stop targeting Netflix if they wish to do so, but the official and informed recommendation of this website is to focus on more than ever on Hulu and Amazon. We have updated the Act Now! page to that effect, as well as the #planes4gmw page.

As we stated earlier today, our collective goal should be to keep the family together no matter where we find a new home. Ms. Ge wants us to find that home as much as anybody else, and we are grateful to her for using her resources to help us better target our efforts:

Don’t lose heart: Set your sights on Hulu and Amazon Video!

Please go here for an official update on the Netflix situation.

We got some potentially bad news about Netflix today, (although we are still waiting on official confirmation) but that doesn’t mean we should give up hope! Netflix is not and has never been our only option. The new home doesn’t matter as long as we keep the family together. This fight ain’t over ’til it’s over, Girl Meets World fans. Let’s knuckle down and keep up the hard work. We can do this!

Let’s get laser-focused on Hulu (head over to the Act Now! page for how to contact Hulu) and let’s bring in Amazon too! We’ll be updating the site with information on how to appeal to Amazon shortly, and if you’ve got the time, maybe start sending some #planes4gmw to Amazon Studios as well. Here’s the address:

Amazon Studios
1620 26th Street
Suite 4000N
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Hit up Amazon Video on their social media accounts and start spreading #GirlMeetsAmazon:


#Planes4GMW Update: Got ’em ready? LET ‘EM FLY, starting now!

Due to confusion stemming from well-meaning but inaccurate reporting regarding the #Planes4GMW mailing date, we’ve decided to adjust the plan.

If your #planes4gmw are ready, go ahead and start mailing them in now! This includes everybody, international and U.S. fans alike. We’re going to keep pushing this campaign as hard as we can all through next week though, so don’t stress out or feel bad if you’re not ready yet. Spread the word as fast you can, and don’t forget to get your friends involved. Take a picture/video of your envelopes going into the mailbox and share it to encourage other fans, if you want!

Let’s GO! GO! GO!

Action Now through Thursday: Focus on Disney Channel

One of the biggest obstacles we’re facing right now is the reality that Disney Channel may not be willing to sell or release the rights to Girl Meets World. Such a thing has never happened in modern Disney Channel history, so we’ve got to push them as hard as we can. For the next few days, we implore Girl Meets World fans to focus on urging Disney Channel to play ball should another company express interest in purchasing the rights to produce new episodes of our beloved show. Here’s how:

  1. To inject some more positivity into our actions towards Disney Channel, we encourage fans to tweet at Disney’s Executive Director of Original Series Development, Corey Marsh. Corey Marsh is the reason Girl Meets World exists in the first place, so tweet him a little thank you note if you feel so inclined. His twitter handle is @Mrfeenyfan (he’s one of us!). This is a show of appreciation, not an attack. Corey Marsh is not involved in decisions about selling the rights as far as we know, but he supports the show. He even retweeted about #girlmeetsworldseason4 ahead of the cancellation. Let’s spread a little goodwill by telling him thank you for this wonderful show and his hard work to get it on the air to begin with.
  2. Sign and share the petition for Disney Channel to give up/sell the rights to Girl Meets World. This petition is separate from the main “Continue Girl Meets World on another network” petition, so sign and share share share!
  3. Call Disney Audience Relations at 1-818-460-7477 to express your dismay at the cancellation of Girl Meets World and politely request that Disney work with Netflix or Hulu by selling the rights.
  4. Click here to use Disney Channel’s feedback form to express your disappointment and ask that they sell the rights.
  5. Write to Disney Channel (Attn: Gary Marsh, President) at 3800 W. Alameda Ave Suite 2151 Burbank, California 91505. (Current mail-in campaign details here!)
  6. Use this hashtag: #DisneyGiveUpGMW.
  7. Twitter: @disneychannel and @disneychannelPR.
  8. Instagram: @disneychannel and @disneychannelPR.
  9. Facebook: Politely comment on their posts here.

Action plan for #GirlMeetsGoodbye coming soon, but for now don’t forget to add the #SaveGirlMeetsWorld twibbon to your twitter profile!

Episode Action Prep: add the #SaveGirlMeetsWorld twibbon to your user pic

Due to the finale/Boy Meets World reunion, Girl Meets World (and subsequently our campaign!) is going to be getting a lot of extra attention this weekend, to the tune of possibly millions of people. We’re going to need to push beyond the core fandom and do a lot of outreach to the casual viewers who will likely be expressing their dismay at the show’s cancellation as they watch the finale live Friday night or via Amazon/iTunes over the weekend. To that end, we encourage everyone who’s already with us to add this twibbon to their twitter profiles so we can all easily tell who we should try to reach out to versus who is already on board with #SaveGirlMeetsWorld as we engage on twitter Friday night and over the weekend. The twibbon is available in white and green.

Click here for white:

Click here for green:

More details on our episode action for Girl Meets Goodbye coming soon, but for now…please start applying the twibbons and sharing them around. (And don’t forget to work on your #planes4gmw!)

#Planes4GMW Update: help for international fans, adorable printables, and one amazing campaign video

The #Planes4GMW campaign keeps growing and growing! Some fans have designed printables for those of us who aren’t especially artistic, and other fans in the United States are helping international GMW fans send in their planes. First up, take five minutes to watch this amazing campaign video from @VeepuEco:

Next up, some adorable printables for the non-artistically-inclined folks:


This account will draw a custom doodle for you to print out and use on your paper airplane:

And these fans have designed some cute pre-made printables:


Next, help from fans in the U.S. for international fans who cannot afford postage to the United States:

Help for International Fans:





Finally, don’t forget to follow @planes4gmw on twitter, tumblr, and Instagram to check out your fellow fans’ paper airplanes.

Oh yeah, and:

Teamwork: join these collaborative #SaveGirlMeetsWorld video projects

The #SaveGirlMeetsWorld campaign belongs to every Girl Meets World fan, and while a group of dedicated fans is hard at work maintaining this website, we feel that it’s not our job to simply boss the fandom around. We feel that it’s our job to keep an eye on the fandom and then use this website to highlight and encourage participation in fan-led projects and ideas (such as the Netflix bingewatch this weekend which has been talked about all over). To that end, we’d like to feature two amazing YouTube projects today!

First up, JonasAlmostFamous is working on a Cast & Crew appreciation video to debut along with Girl Meets Goodbye. The deadline to participate is Wednesday, January 18th. Details below:

Meanwhile, Mimi1239 needs volunteers for a group sing-a-long to “Take on the World.” 101 fans, one line each. The deadline to participate is Tuesday, January 17th. Details below:

Be sure to click through and get the full details on Mimi’s project in the video’s description!

Are you working on a project to #SaveGirlMeetsWorld or to show our appreciation for the cast & crew? Please let us know about it! We are keeping our eyes on the fandom, but the Girl Meets World fandom is gigantic and we might not see everything. Hit us up on the contact page to let us know what you’re working on, or to send in ideas you’d like to see implemented. Because the GMW fandom is so big, we cannot promise to feature each and every project or idea, and we will not endorse petitions other than the two featured on this site…but we will do our absolute very best to make sure the #SaveGirlMeetsWorld campaign leverages the time and talents of this diverse and creative fandom. The #SaveGirlMeetsWorld campaign belongs to everybody.

Weekend Homework: Binge on Netflix, Search on Hulu, and work on your airplanes!

Great job trending #GirlMeetsSweetSixteen tonight, everybody! Here’s what to do this weekend:

  1. Girl Meets World fans from all over (twitter, tumblr, Instagram) have been pushing for a binge watch of Girl Meets World on Netflix this weekend. This is a great idea! If the show is available on Netflix in your country, watch it (or even just leave it playing in the background) as often as possible on January 14th and 15th! (Don’t forget to search for Girl Meets World too.)
  2. While you binge, keep using hashtags such as #savegmw, #girlmeetsworld, #girlmeetsnetflix, etc.
  3. Search for “Girl Meets World” on hulu if you’re a subscriber.
  4. Work on your #planes4gmw!
  5. Keep up the good work with our ongoing direct action and social media campaigns!

We’ve seen some amazing results this week, but now is not the time to be complacent. The job isn’t done yet! So let’s keep going. Bum, bum, bum, ba da da…

Episode Action: Trend #GirlMeetsSweetSixteen at 6pm EST on Friday, January 13th

Update: Sorry for all the confusion today folks! A GMW insider has reached out and asked us to ask the fandom to use #GirlMeetsSweetSixteen. And when the show asks? We do! We’ve still got a couple hours to airtime, so please: spread the word as fast as you can! There will be no further changes. Thank you.

Hey everyone! So as a part of our efforts to get Girl Meets World on Netflix/Hulu, we’re going to work together to trend some hashtags as part of our social media campaign, with a big focus on #GirlMeetsSweetSixteen:





The goal of this campaign is to get #GirlMeetsSweetSixteen to trend first, with the other hashtags piggybacking.

Now in order for this to be effective, we have to work together! Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen airs at 6PM EST on Friday, Jan 13, 2017 and we need to be on the ball if we’re going to trend. Here’s a link to convert that to everyone’s respective time zones.

We need to tweet hard and tweet fast! In order to trend, we need to be at at least 1000 minimum tweets in the first half hour with at least 500 users tweeting at the same time! We know it’s possible because we trended #worldmeetsgirl last week in multiple countries! So in order to trend again, here’s what we need to do:

  1. Schedule your tweets if you aren’t able to live tweet. Hootsuite is a great app for scheduling tweets.
  2. Share this post with your social circle and other fandoms that you may be a part of! The more supporters we get, the better chance we have of trending.
  3. Tweet the hashtags vigorously at 6PM Eastern Standard time on Friday, Jan 13, 2017, (and again at 6PM Pacific Standard time if you wish, but our primary focus will be while the show airs on the east coast).
  4. Rinse and repeat until we trend!

Alright GMW Fans! You ready to do this?? Let’s save our show!